Description: Film transfer with patterns available with or without thermo-adhesive.

** the P collection is with thermo-adhesive.

** the TS collection is without thermo-adhesive.

** the ACIDA collection is made in acid aniline.


Use: Such products are used to decorate and finish various subjects and colors on leather and fabric.


Product features:

Aspect: various types of patterns

Support thickness: according to the type

Available heights: 1500 mm

Rub resistance: excellent, with regard to TP patterns, if transferred onto our paillettes collection M / S

Dry and 30 °C clearing resistance: very good, concerning TP patterns, if transferred onto our paillettes collection M / S

Rolls length : 250/300 linear meters.


Terms of usage: Hot stamping with rotary transfer press, with the treated part into contact with the material to finish. Transfer temperature: 110-120 °C, to increase according to the processing speed. Once transfer has been made, leave to cool down prior to film removal.


Achievable result: Patterns and multicolor effects of different kind.  

Packaging: The film is wrapped in reinforced cardboard tubes, with an inside diameter of 76 mm and it is protected by a cardboard box.


Storage method: the product is stored in a dry place, with a temperature comprised between +15 °C and 25 °C in a closed packaging. It fears humidity. Do not overlap materials or weights and store in vertical rolls. Use the product if possible within 6 months.


Note: The product complies with all UE regulations.


Special warnings: We strongly recommend to perform always print/transfer tests onto the supports which you intend to use in order to determine process parameters and desired final results. In relation to the product possible and multiple methods and scopes of application we do not assume any responsibility in case of misuse