By using “ Film Transfer”, we deal with study, items research and technical-sales advice seeking to give input and responses to the requests of a market which is more and more demanding and evolving.

We cooperate with important manufacturing companies, provided with technologically advanced printing machineries, which are helped by qualified graphic designers and stylists.

The quality of the suggested and/or used materials are rigorously “ Made in Italy”.

We are able to realize customized designs and, paying attention to trends, we are able to put our professional know-how at the service of our customers, creating particular effects in the light of what is intended to be used in the fast fashion business. Many of our creations, have become important items for Italian and foreign tanneries.

Thanks to our applications, we are able to give ADDED VALUE…………Contrary to what is thought, the use of Film Transfer is not indicated for covering ugly leathers and defects, but it is a procedure used to enhance, to make even more appealing leather which has to be already well tanned and of good quality.

The use of Film Transfer is a combination of ideas and creativity.

Technology does not modify, the application can make it better, but are the people, with their creative skills, who make the difference, because in any head there is a little word made of ideas, by using Transfer foils we can indulge ourselves and render them visible onto leather and not only.

We are able to present you a finished product, as partners with important leading companies in the chemicals tannery and finishing business. Technical highly qualified personnel, with skills and creativity, will be able to customize your items, providing accurate and complete advise.